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Pink Grapefruit Cellulite Body Cream

There are many ingredients that characterize this cream and guarantee excellent results. Caffeine, an adjuvant in the treatment of cellulite, is used in this cream for its lipolytic potential draining action. The main active components of fucus vescicolosus are polysaccharides, vitamins and a high content of iodine minerals in both inorganic and organic form. The "anticellulite" properties are attributed to the iodine; its activity can be traced to the very role of the iodine taken up by the thyroid. Fucus is a contraindication for subjects with hyperthyroidism or other thyroid ailments; it is to be avoided during pregnancy and nursing. The formula is completed by ivy which favours microcirculation and Asian Centella that acts on the connective tissue through draining and elasticizing actions.

Instruction for use: cleanse the skin of the area for treatment then apply the product, massaging until completely absorbed.

500 ML