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Beauty Care Line

Liposoluble Waxes

This type of wax is the most modern product for stripping away unwanted hair. These waxes are made of a mixture of resin extracts and highly refined oils, incorporating the three main qualities that any hair removal wax must have: fluidity to ensure a properly applied spread, a delicate yet firm grip on the hairs and the ability to vent heat so that it does not accumulate and cause reddening. 

Our formulas are the fruit of in-depth, innovative research aimed at that little something extra, obtaining that characteristic uniqueness that makes the difference on this difficult market.

After more than a decade, our company has focused on quality and not simply on low costs: we have focused our choices on selected raw materials and we control them during each step of the way. Thus you are guaranteed steadfast, high quality.


anteprima t3


anteprima perfetta




anteprima topformula


anteprima gel


anteprima special flavours




anteprima excellent